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Tired of selfies. hustling with your kids or family members to try and get the group shot, and photos of the amazing views of your vacation without you and/or your loved ones in and enjoying them?

Want to retell and share the story of your vacation in a physically printed out book and online with professionally edited photographs?

Hire me and I'll be your behind the scenes personal photographer capturing the highlights of your vacation!

I'll be your personal paparazzi capturing the special candid moments of your vacation and even some posed ones too if you want.  I'll be there interacting or in a distance (whichever you prefer) but with respect to your personal time and space.


- My transportation, room and board accommodations. (Booked by you)

- Any entry or admission fees to parks / museums / excursions / etc.

- $400 per day charge paid in full on the first day (up to 10 hours of shooting daily) (this includes my cost for food)*

- Deposit would be the confirmed booking of flight/room accommodations, and $200.


- Memories of your vacation in special selected photographs from your trip

- Edited photographs to be sent digitally daily at the end of every day.**

- A personal PRINTED photographic journal / book of specially selected photos highlighting the daily activities of your trip. 

- Digital Download of all selected Edited photographs within 2 weeks from return trip.

- An experience to share and pass around during the holidays!


My name is Aubrey and I love sharing memories.  I love being able to retell the story of good times through photographs that relay emotion and feeling.  I cherish the time you look back on some adventure and can smile by reliving the moment through an image from that time.   I have had experience creating those emotions through publishing a book on photographs captured at my favorite surf spot and sharing it with those who love the place as much as I.  I've shot weddings, engagements, birthday parties, children's one year, lifestyle, brands, events, and my own personal vacation experiences.   I look for perspective and emotion and I capture that through my lens to hope and share those same happy times with anyone who's willing to feel.  

I am a 29 year old corporate working professional who is responsible, respectful, peaceful, easy-going and athletic with no criminal background.  I surf every chance I get and spend as much time outdoors as I can.  And when I'm not doing something active, I'm shooting and making memories of the things around me.


Email me and we'll set up a time to meet and talk about your upcoming vacation.  Let's get to know each other and see if I'm the person you're looking for.  I'll bring copies of the books I've printed, talk about your plans, get to know the others in your travel party and be available for questions.  If at the end of our meet you can decide if I'm the right fit for your trip, we'll set things up then and there!

Check out examples of my personal vacations on my BLOG.

* Per day refunds will be made if special circumstances cut the trip short.  Any day over 4 hours of shooting will be refunded only 50%.

** You will receive daily selected edited photographs if I am able to return to my room/computer by 8PM.  Otherwise they will be ready by the next day.


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